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10 Times Teen Titans Go! Wasn't For Kids

10 Times Teen Titans Go! Wasn't For Kids10 Times Teen Titans Go! Wasn't For Kids

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Title :10 Times Teen Titans Go! Wasn't For Kids
Duration : 7m
Uploader : Screen Rant
Added On: : 07 August, 2018
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Teen Titans Go! is a kids show full of adult moments! Subscribe to our channel: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is finally in cinemas and if you’re a fan of the hit animated show or comic book films in general, you should go check this one out! But looking back to the TV series, one will find that this kids show was chalk full of very adult moments. This is one innuendo filled series and we’re point out some of those moments! For instance, that one time when Beast Boy fell asleep in his birthday suit with a zoo magazine over his man parts. What was he doing before he fell asleep?? Another scene involving Beast Boy and his lustful pursuit of Raven was actually cut from the showing in England! Starfire and Blackfire end up in a switcheroo plot, but that doesn’t take place until Starfire changes-and let’s say that changing rooms aren’t needed! Starfire also calls Raven a “dumb horse” at one point, only how she says it makes the meaning completely different. There’s an in your face metaphor about Robin’s excitement level when his hair stands completely on end when he hears about applying sunblock on someone. There’s also an embarrassed grin on someone’s face when asked about Aqualad’s “pirate booty”-and they likely don’t mean his treasure! Cyborg ends get getting fused with all the tech in Titan Tower and ends up spying on the Titans-even in the shower! In an explicit scene, there’s a direct reference to the film “American Pie”. Robin ends up outside wearing nothing which pleases many of his fans-but at least in that scene they know Robin isn’t hiding anything in his favorite hiding place! Featuring: Entry 1 TAKE IT OFF Entry 2 PIRATE BOOTY Entry 3 RISING UP Entry 4 CYBORG ‘84 Entry 5 ROBIN’S GO TO HIDING PLACE Entry 6 JUST FOR THE FANS Entry 7 DUMB HORSE Entry 8 MY MY MISS AMERICAN PIE Entry 9 THINGS RAVEN HATES Entry 10 PITCH A TENT Our Social Media: Our Website

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