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$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

$100 Bass Guitar Vs.  $10,000 Bass Guitar$100 Bass Guitar Vs.  $10,000 Bass Guitar$100 Bass Guitar Vs.  $10,000 Bass Guitar

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Title :$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar
Duration : 2m 45s
Uploader : Davie504
Added On: : 18 June, 2017
Views : 2968706 times
Likes : 61908
Dislikes: : 1429
Source : YouTube



Playing a $100, a $700 and a $10,000 (yeah, you read that right) bass guitar in one solo. Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment! :) In this video I am playing a "Lindo" P-Bass, Fender Jazz Bass and a Fodera Emperor Deluxe. TABS and Backing Tracks: Special thanks to: Julian, Ryan Harper, Dylan Thompson, Cadsotter, Hunter Masfen, donald william ali tewhare, Preben Hassel, Dale Clark, Joshua Gomez Mendoza & all my patrons. – Facebook: – Twitter: – Instagram: – My NEW ALBUM! Spotify: iTunes: Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this video, it's important for me! :) If you want to be always updated about my channel, SUBSCRIBE! and JOIN THE FUNK! :D Hope you'll like it! See you soon and Stay Funky! :)

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