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25 Pixar Movie Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice

25 Pixar Movie Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice25 Pixar Movie Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice

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Title :25 Pixar Movie Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice
Duration : 16m 33s
Uploader : Screen Rant
Added On: : 14 June, 2019
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Here are 25 mistakes made that you might not have noticed in Pixar Movies! Subscribe to our channel: We here at ScreenRant, we think that the Pixar movies are pretty much perfect. There’s definitely been some stinkers, (one rhymes with “Cars 2”), but for the most part, the juggernaut animation studio has put out hit after hit, and we have no complaints. Well, at least we thought we didn’t, until we started digging into the small details behind some of our favourite animated movies. We’ve noticed some pretty glaring mistakes in several of Pixar’s masterpieces, and we want to share them with you. So today we’re going to be counting down 25 of the most egregious, and as an added bonus, we’re going to try and create an in-universe explanation for each of them, so we don’t completely spoil the fun. A strange occurrence in the home of the Rivieras. A historical inaccuracy in Pixar’s only period piece. A biological inconsistency in a memorable animal character. We ask if Carl’s house had enough balloons. A wardrobe malfunction during a key scene in Ratatouille. A geographical oversight in a key character design. A marine life misunderstanding. A goofy lighting trick most viewers won’t notice. A monster-sized name mixup. A disappearing prop on the scare floor. A confusing vampiric twist in Toy Story 2. A strange toy preference on Andy’s part. A lack of self-awareness for one M. Potato Head. A confusing technical leap of logic. A strange design choice in A Bug’s Life. An inconsistency in gypsy moth gender. An ever shifting design change. A big continuity error after a great joke. A badly researched dino blunder. Read the original article: Our Social Media: Our Website

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