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A Fortnite Duotage

A Fortnite DuotageA Fortnite Duotage

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Title :A Fortnite Duotage
Duration : 2m 47s
Uploader : Xtreme _clipz
Added On: : 27 April, 2020
Views : 40 times
Likes : 8
Dislikes: : 0
Source : YouTube


I hope u guys enjoy this video this was by far the hardest video to edit this took me a whole day and 2 hours to edit that’s why I didn’t post yesterday so I would appreciate if you would like and subscribe and I hope u like the new intro Socials: my Instagram His Instagram: Go follow us Sub to his YouTube channel: New intro by: Go subscribe to him and go follow him on Instagram: Song: Don’t forget to like, subscribe ,follow our Instagrams, and check out they channel

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