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BANNED IN CHINA Comparison : Normal Things You Can't Have in China

BANNED IN CHINA Comparison : Normal Things You Can't Have in ChinaBANNED IN CHINA Comparison : Normal Things You Can't Have in China

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Title :BANNED IN CHINA Comparison : Normal Things You Can't Have in China
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Added On: : 26 August, 2021
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China is a country famous for banning seemingly arbitrary things. It might not be the most prolific, but it's certainly one of the most visible. Here are some of the things that have been banned in China at one point in time in the last 100 years. China is very authoritarian and fairly paternalistic, so the government has a lot of power and inclination to ban anything it feels has a bad influence on the people. This, of course, would include works that criticize or undermine the government, make fun of China or the Chinese as a whole, reference the more unpleasant events in China's history (particularly ones involving the Communist Party of China). Given the country's been under a strict Communist regime since the 1940s, it's no surprise China is home to some pretty strange laws. Over the years, China has become notorious for its ever-growing list of bans. The Chinese are micromanaged using an arsenal of cameras, spies, and algorithms. CCTV cameras use facial recognition technology to automatically detect jaywalkers and slap them with fines. Government apps allow snitches to report social deviants to the authorities. And an army of internet censors monitors social networks for posts critical of the communist regime. The rules are so bizarre that China thought it necessary to print an etiquette guide for Chinese tourists traveling abroad, with helpful hints like “don’t wear a pig T-shirt in Dubai” and “don’t snap your fingers at waiters — that’s for dogs.” Yeah, you read that right. To live in China is to never know whether you are doing something wrong. Laws are in a constant state of flux. Objects, words, and ideas are banned on a dime. And people start to disappear from public life. So if you're planning to visit China check out this video to know what are some of the things that are a total no-no in the country. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL —► - Let us know in the comments below if there's a video you'd like to see! The data and statistics videos are based on internet searches, online community discussions and online articles. Data listed may be out of date, incorrect or valid. All sources are listed in the description. Follow us on FaceBook for more interesting facts! ➤ Sources: ➤

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