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Black Mirror: Creepiest Episodes Ranked

Black Mirror: Creepiest Episodes RankedBlack Mirror: Creepiest Episodes Ranked

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Title :Black Mirror: Creepiest Episodes Ranked
Duration : 11m 14s
Uploader : TheBinger
Added On: : 15 May, 2019
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Black Mirror Season 5 Is Coming Soon But You Have To Watch These First Subscribe to our channel: Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has become the Twilight Zone of the Modern era, presenting us with creepy tech that makes use question our own existence. However, some episodes are bleeker than others. In this video we take a look at the creepiest Black Mirror episodes ever, including Be Right Back, which sees the creation of a virtual clone of someone’s deceased boyfriend, Black Museum, an anthology series within an an anthology series, USS Callister, a look at the dangerous world of virtual reality gaming, and Men Against Fire, the skewed morality of war. We’ll also discuss Playtest, another look at the dangerous of immersive gaming, Shut up and Dance, a glimpse at the frailty of home and online privacy and security, Hated in the Nation, a look at how social media can rule and dictate our lives, and Metalhead, a world where robotic dogs hunt down humans in order to wipe us out. This is about to get freaky, prepare yourself! Featuring: Be Right Back Black Museum USS Callister Men Against Fire Playtest Shut Up and Dance Hated in the Nation Metalhead Subscribe:

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