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Title :#blacklivesmatter
Duration : 9m 19s
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Added On: : 02 June, 2020
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#blacklivesmatter The following link has several petitions listed in - US Senate: Hands Up Act - Sign the Petition! The following link has different text and call information - The following link has different information for places you can donate if you so choose - This is the link in general that has everything that ive found helpful - I will either update this as I find new things or will leave comments down below. Feel free to leave petitions and donation links down below. Or anything you think should have attention brought to it. Articles and videos included. I know I didnt say much but I did my best and I hope that one day the world will change. That people will change. That laws will change. That governments will change. "We're in the middle of history of right now." "All lives matter dont matter till black lives matter." (While this isnt the first time ive may of heard these phrases, in the context of what is going on and the social media ive been consuming. This is where i heard it first and am quoting it from Julian.) #blacklivesmatter

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