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Cody & Noel Do: Drunk Baking REACTION

Cody & Noel Do: Drunk Baking REACTIONCody & Noel Do: Drunk Baking REACTION

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Title :Cody & Noel Do: Drunk Baking REACTION
Duration : 16m 2s
Uploader : The Ali Robins Show
Added On: : 11 December, 2020
Views : 345 times
Likes : 18
Dislikes: : 0
Source : YouTube



THANKS FOR WATCHING !!!!!!! Watch the video: #TMG #reactions #drunkbaking ___________________________________________________________________________ Do you love Coffee as much as I do? I have an online coffee store. Sign up to our email list. Order your own coffee today: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Learn More about Me: Become A Patron Today: ___________________________________________________________________________ Hello World. My film-related reactions & discussions are solely the opinions from yours truly. If I'm discussing a film based on a book/video game/comic, my opinions will be based on the film and not the source material unless it's a story I'm already familiar with. Unique stories are so few and far between that when a rehashed story services and it has terrible plots, characters & directing, someone's getting called out. Don't tell me to read the books, comics or play the game. First off, it ain't happening. Second off, around these parts if someone is making a film for a simple viewer like me to understand by only reading the source material first, that simply equates to terrible writing, directing and overall laziness on the production side (which will be called out as well).

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