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DC Movie Theory: Is Lex Luthor A Metahuman?

DC Movie Theory: Is Lex Luthor A Metahuman?DC Movie Theory: Is Lex Luthor A Metahuman?

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Title :DC Movie Theory: Is Lex Luthor A Metahuman?
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Added On: : 14 August, 2018
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Lex Luthor might be hiding a big secret that wasn't revealed in Batman V Superman or Justice League! Subscribe to our channel: Classically, Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor is just an ordinary human with a bald head, a heck of a lot of money, a mean streak, a genius intellect and a real disliking for the Man of Steel, but could there be more than that to Jesse Eisenberg's version of the character in the live action DC Extended Universe? Well, that's the theory that we're going to explore in this video. Get a load of this, guys! The idea stems from Luthor's obvious obsession with metahumans as a concept. He seeks them out and stores information about them online - and he's obsessed with testing Superman's abilities in situations that may lead to the hero's death. He's also recruiting a team to oppose the Justice League - starting with Deathstroke who, whilst metahuman, gains his enhanced physical attributes through a serum that Luthor could very easily deny him access to in the future, rendering him an ordinary human again. Does this mean he wants all other metahumans dead so he can be the sole metahuman on the planet? Moreover, he was fearless in the presence of a very angry Superman (which might suggest that he had nothing to fear if the Man of Steel lashed out) and his blood transformed the corpse of General Zod into an even more powerful monstrous being in the form of Doomsday. If he is a metahuman, it's going to be very interesting to see what he does with his power in the DCEU going forward, that's for sure. We hope you enjoy the video! Please leave a comment letting us know what you thought about it. And don't forget to subscribe to Screen Rant's YouTube channel, so you never miss our great new video uploads in the future. Check out these other awesome videos! 10 Times Teen Titans Go! Wasn't For Kids 10 Marvel Villains More Powerful Than Thanos Still Lurking In The MCU Our Social Media: Our Website

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