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Disney Is Changing Their Princesses And Here's How

Disney Is Changing Their Princesses And Here's HowDisney Is Changing Their Princesses And Here's How

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Title :Disney Is Changing Their Princesses And Here's How
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Added On: : 12 July, 2019
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Thumbnail art by: Instagram @bosslogic Subscribe to our channel: Disney Princesses are one of the strongest brands and ideas in the entertainment company’s collection of franchises. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Disney is changing their princesses. These changes are spurned by the many longstanding issues with Dsiney Princesses and how many of these traits are more problematic than ever today. That’s why Disney is rebranding these kinds of characters as heroines and changing the kinds of stories they appear in. Newer Disney Princesses have far more agency than their predecessors and their updated motivations let them do more than save their community while trying to marry a guy. It’s great that Disney is modernizing their female protagonists and making them better role models to the children they are meant to inspire. Only time will tell if the company commits to making these characters heroines, but for now at least the problematic elements that defined these leading ladies for so long are starting to recede.

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