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From The Horse’s Mouth — Biden On Executive Orders

From The Horse’s Mouth — Biden On Executive OrdersFrom The Horse’s Mouth — Biden On Executive Orders

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Title :From The Horse’s Mouth — Biden On Executive Orders
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From The Horse’s Mouth - Joe Biden On Executive Orders Joe Biden has flipped and flopped on most issues and things he promised the American people. One of the more interesting, hypocritical stances he’s taken has got to be what he said he thought of presidents who do things by executive order. He said he believed them to be dictators and he said it with such conviction. During the 2020 Town Hall, with George Stephanoupolos, Joe Biden clearly states so many things he’s gone back on and proven to have flat out LIED ABOUT. Here is a link to the entire 2020 Biden Town Hall Event: Clearly, this video only focuses on what he said about his position on presidents taking action and doing things by executive order. On his first full day in office alone (January 21, 2021) he signed 17 executive orders! Surpassing every president during the past century by A LOT! Many of us tried to warn people about Biden’s lies and false promises. We knew he wasn’t for the working class. He is not a man of the people. He is for the elite, Hollywood, career politicians and wealthy people of status. He did and said what he had to in order to get what he wanted. So far, under Biden: -ISIS magically reappeared -We are back to sending military convoys to the Middle East -Drug prices were raised for the most vulnerable, during a pandemic when people need help THE MOST -Energy prices rose -some of the highest “Rona” death rates -thousands of union jobs killed - Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his "progressive" transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls. - Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress. - A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised. - A complete halt on the $2000 stimulus program he promised. - He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin. - He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine. - Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid - $1.6 billion in gross wages lost. And that was all within the first 5 days. Today, January 30th 2021 is his 10th day in office. He was inaugurated on January 20th 2021. Day 10 and he has signed and pushed a grand total of 42 executive orders in just 10 days!! The day isn’t over, yet, so he may sign more... but as of now the total number of Biden executive orders is 42. He is NOT for the people. He is not pro America. None of his executive orders have benefitted America or the American People in any way. Our people’s tax dollars will now be paying for abortions in other countries, how is that right or does it even make sense? He didn’t ask for anyone to vote on any of these policies, didn’t wait for the people to have a say before undoing all the good President Trump actually did that so many took for granted. But you heard it yourselves, “from the horse’s mouth”.... by his own standards, he must be a dictator. Right? The point of this video is simply to illustrate how he said so many things one moment and then turned around and stabbed everyone in the back. Betrayed so many who believed him and betrayed our country by putting other countries before our own. More videos of more Biden Lies coming soon.

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