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Frozen Theory: Where Did Elsa's Powers Come From?

Frozen Theory: Where Did Elsa's Powers Come From?Frozen Theory: Where Did Elsa's Powers Come From?

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Title :Frozen Theory: Where Did Elsa's Powers Come From?
Duration : 10m 25s
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Added On: : 07 January, 2019
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Frozen never really explains how Elsa got her ice powers... Or does it? Subscribe to our channel: If there’s one thing we cannot “let go” about Frozen -- it’s Elsa and her mysterious ice powers. Sure, they’re incredible, can make snowmen come to life, and crazy things start happening when she’s sick -- but where exactly did these powers come from? While the film offers no detailed answers, we can breakdown a lot of the elements to help put together a pretty definitive answer -- an answer which won’t melt under pressure. While watching Frozen -- or some of the spin-off shorts, we’ve come to accept Elsa and her ice powers and abilities, but one lingering question has remained over the origins of her powers. The film itself tries to answer this question as simply as possible. During the opening scenes when Anna gets hit by Elsa, their parents are asked if Elsa was born with the powers or cursed. Her father quickly answers with “born” and we do not hear anything else about them. Plain and simple: Elsa was born with these powers. Sound simple, right? Well, there’s a lot more to it than that. A person is not just born with these powers. Was she injected while her mother was pregnant. Is it something passed down by family members or just an unfortunate thing that happens to random citizens of Arendelle? Our best guess -- this is a genetic mutation passed down through the family -- clearly skipping generations or appearing even more randomly throughout their long family tree. While others may refer to the ice powers as a family curse -- there is a lot of good which can come from them, as long as the understanding and ability to control the powers are there. Check out these other awesome videos! 10 Animated Movie Mistakes They Thought No One Would Notice 10 Theories About Wreck-It Ralph That Totally Change The Movie Our Social Media: Our Website

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