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Game of Thrones: Why the Death of Littlefinger was a Failure

Game of Thrones: Why the Death of Littlefinger was a FailureGame of Thrones: Why the Death of Littlefinger was a Failure

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Title :Game of Thrones: Why the Death of Littlefinger was a Failure
Duration : 28m 33s
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Added On: : 04 November, 2017
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The Death of Littlefinger in the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale was a failure, here's why. Thanks for watching. Please like, share and subscribe. BRAND NEW Game of Thrones Video: Subscribe to my Wrestling Channel: 00:00 - Intro 04:36 - 1. The Set-up 06:02 - 2. Season 7 build-up 07:58 - 3. The Trial of Petyr Baelish 12:03 - 4. What Littlefinger should have done 13:36 - 5. What Littlefinger should have said 18:47 - 6. Oh yeah, one other thing Littlefinger could have done 20:32 - 7. The Aftermath 22:30 - 8. Aiden Gillen deserved better 24:20 - 9. The Implications of the Scene 26:18 - 10. What the Writer's should have done 29:08 - 11. That's it (Conclusion & Reaction Video Parody) credits Song (katsuyori shibata theme): clip 1(chaos is a ladder): clip 2 (bran assassination): clip 4 (littlefinger & ned): clip 5 (littlefinger & bran): clip 6 (littlefinger kills lysa): clip 7 (littlefinger's death): clip 8 (dany kills the tarlys): clip 9 (ramsay kills soldier): clip 10 (night King kills dragon): clip 11 (euron meets cersei): clip 12 (euron attacks fleet): clip 13 (dany arrives at dragonstone): clip 14 (ned executes deserter): clip 15 (doran dies): clip 16 (writers on sundance): clip 17 (reaction video): clip 18 (iDubbbz crippling depression): clip 19 (stannis dies): clip 20 (roose dies): clip 21 (breen movie death scene): clip 22 (office scene): clip 23 (bunty laughing): clip 24 (littlefinger & sansa): clip 25 (sansa meets ramsay): clip 26 (joffrey dies): clip 27 (littlefinger & sansa in the vale): clip 28 (vale army): clip 29 (littlefinger spies on arya): clip 30 (writers idaho): clip 31 (bryan alvarez swerve audio): clip 32 (catelyn gets lysa letter): clip 33 (ned dies): clip 34 (goodfellas clip): clip 35 (sansa & arya): clip 36 (the wire carcetti clip): clip 37 (theon prisoner clip): Petyr Baelish, nicknamed Littlefinger, is a fictional character created by American author George R. R. Martin. He is a prominent non-point of view character in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, and a main character in HBO's adaptation of the series, Game of Thrones, where he was portrayed by Aidan Gillen. In A Storm of Swords, it is revealed that several major plot points have hinged on Baelish's intrigues, including the framing of Tyrion Lannister for the attempt on Bran Stark's life, the downfall of Lord Eddard Stark, the deaths of Lord Jon Arryn and King Joffrey Baratheon, and the War of the Five Kings.

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