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Justin Bieber &Benny Blanco -Lonely #DiyaM

Justin Bieber &Benny Blanco -Lonely #DiyaMJustin Bieber &Benny Blanco -Lonely #DiyaM

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Title :Justin Bieber &Benny Blanco -Lonely #DiyaM
Duration : 56s
Uploader : Diya M
Added On: : 16 October, 2020
Views : 108 times
Likes : 11
Dislikes: : 0
Source : YouTube


Don't forget to watch the original video :- MUST WATCH PIANO COVERS Savage love :- Closer :- BTS ARMY 💜 Blood Sweat and Tears :- NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. #JustinBieber #JustinBieberLonely #BennyBlancoLonely Namaste /Hello My name is Diya Manocha. I am a 16 year old music enthusiast. I love experimenting and improvising different geners of music Thank you for watching the video I hope you liked it 😊 You can subscribe to the channel if you like my work Stay tuned for more Byee!!

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