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Learning to Live | Mermaid Girl: The Next Chapter

Learning to Live | Mermaid Girl: The Next ChapterLearning to Live | Mermaid Girl: The Next Chapter

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Title :Learning to Live | Mermaid Girl: The Next Chapter
Duration : 42m 21s
Uploader : Origin
Added On: : 20 December, 2019
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SUBSCRIBE to Origin: Continuing the story of the incredible Shiloh Pepin, who has one of the rarest physical deformities known to man; Sirenomelia, otherwise known as Mermaid Syndrome. Sirenomelia is one of the rarest congenital development disorders in the known world. Her legs are fused together and she was born with only a small piece of her kidney. She has no reproductive organs and almost no large intestine. This year she will celebrate her tenth birthday, a milestone doctors said she would never reach. Shiloh's story is one of awe-inspiring positive mental attitude in the face of insurmountable odds. This sequel follows the next chapter in Shiloh's life. After she made the decision not to have her legs surgically separated, Shiloh and her family must prepare her for the future just the way she is. In a bid to become more independent Shiloh is invited to take part in a swim meet and this summer she will spend a week at camp away from her parents for the very first time. Set against the backdrop of her parents’ separation, this could be the most challenging six months of her life. #MermaidGirl #Sirenomelia Content licensed from Firecracker Films. For any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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