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Marvel's Biggest Transformations That Will Change Phase 4

Marvel's Biggest Transformations That Will Change Phase 4Marvel's Biggest Transformations That Will Change Phase 4

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Title :Marvel's Biggest Transformations That Will Change Phase 4
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These Marvel Transformations Will Affect Phase 4 Subscribe to our channel: Avengers: Infinity War left off on one of the biggest movie cliffhangers of all time. Half the universe’s population was destroyed. Not only that, but most of the new characters in the MCU disappeared along with them. Characters we were just getting to know like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange turned to dust before our very eyes. Fans were pretty sure going into Avengers: Endgame that the decimation Thanos created would be undone by the movie’s end. There was even a trailer shown for the new Spider-Man movie that pretty much confirmed a happy ending for our heroes. What fans didn’t guess was that things would be arguably worse for many of the survivors of the snap. The original team of Avengers may have lived to fight another day, but the loss to Thanos made a huge impression on all of them. The first half of Endgame is pretty much a showcase of what these characters transformed into since we last saw them. While most of the changes were pretty tragic, a few were actually for the better. Some may have turned to violence or destructive behavior but others moved on. A couple of our heroes actually ended up better off while their teammates’ lives were ruined. Here are the ten Avengers Endgame Biggest Transformations.

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