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Nightbirde Inspiration of Happiness

Nightbirde Inspiration of HappinessNightbirde Inspiration of Happiness

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Title :Nightbirde Inspiration of Happiness
Duration : 3m 58s
Uploader : MJ Learns Life
Added On: : 10 June, 2021
Views : 3987 times
Likes : 96
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Source : YouTube



That quote "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" from Jane Marczewski as Nightbirde is intended to all who are losing direction of life. May we all remember that we all have the freedom to be happy in our life Is just a matter of how we decide to be. Congratulations Jane! Your such an amazing person. Your happiness touched many lives of today. You just made me realize that we don't need anyone to pull us from the unfortunate things, we can just tell that to ourselves and let our heart speak of it in our actions. And that is the strongest thing i ever heard about. This content is not just for Jane, or for me but for all who needs to hear a little push. Happiness is not just an emotion that came from nothing. We need to apply action from the time we decide to be.

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