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Pixar Movie Changes In Other Countries

Pixar Movie Changes In Other CountriesPixar Movie Changes In Other Countries

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Title :Pixar Movie Changes In Other Countries
Duration : 11m 28s
Uploader : TheBinger
Added On: : 07 July, 2019
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These Pixar Movies Had Major Changes In Other Countries Subscribe to our channel: Disney is a massive entertainment giant with movies releasing all the time, all over the world. Did you ever stop to think about how many people it takes to make something like that work? Entire teams dedicated to one job, such as translating the movies into different languages. It turns out that getting Disney and Pixar movies ready for different countries is not as easy as throwing the script into Google translate. Sometimes entire jokes or scenes depend on an understanding of American culture. When that happens, the people behind the movie need to make some... adjustments. Today, TheBinger is going to break down the most creative and confusing changes animators made for international audiences. Things like messages on cupcakes, weird food preferences, and even an entire character. Some of it was made to help audiences understand, and some was just plain fun. So join us at TheBinger for a look into how Disney and Pixar change movies for international audiences.

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