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"Put it Through Your Teeth" [Quackity and Technoblade Dream SMP Animatic]

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Title :"Put it Through Your Teeth" [Quackity and Technoblade Dream SMP Animatic]
Duration : 23s
Uploader : Spacing
Added On: : 15 September, 2021
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"I have a pickaxe, and I'll put it through your teeth!" *SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST TECHNO/QUACKITY STREAM* SPEEDRUN It's been a while since I've done a lore animatic so quickly, but I'm happy with myself. Plus I added a little animation. Cool. ALSO SOUND DESIGN WOOHOO, LET'S GO That lore today was crazy though. I mean, Techno escaped prison (finally), and Dream escaped the prison too!? Haha, he totally wasn't hiding in the toilet hole they were using to dig a tunnel out of... Also, Techno left his cloak in the prison. So sad. :( I'm glad Philza Minecraft was able to read the will and open up the ender pearl stasis chamber, but jeez. PHIL, HE SAID THREE DAYS, NOT THREE MONTHS. LEARN HOW TO READ, OLD MAN. /lh I want to make a video where Techno teaches Phil how to read/do math. :O HEADCANON: Phil forgot how time works because he's so old, and normally someone else would keep track of it for him, but Techno isn't there. Alternate Title: Technoblade Avoids his Dentist Appointment. I skipped a lot of work and lost a lot of sleep because of this, please subscribe. :) /hj Please don't repost my work, thanks. PROGRAMS/HARDWARE: -FlipaClip - 12 FPS - 265 Frames -Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite w/ S-pen PRODUCTION TIME: Approx. 3 hrs. AUDIO: - "The Visitor [Dream SMP]" - (17:10 - audio is edited) - SFX from FEATURING: [email protected] - [email protected] - - #technoblade #quackity #animatic #dreamsmp

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