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Reaction: Raiders def Ravens 33-27 in OT

Reaction: Raiders def Ravens 33-27 in OTReaction: Raiders def Ravens 33-27 in OT

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Title :Reaction: Raiders def Ravens 33-27 in OT
Duration : 17m 50s
Uploader : All_22_NFL_Cuts
Added On: : 14 September, 2021
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Source : YouTube



My reaction video to the Raiders marathon win over the Ravens, 33-27 in overtime late Monday night. This game had a lot of highlights for both teams. What I will do in this reaction video is describe notes I take during the game. I generally take notes on personnel, formation, and play for each Ravens Offensive play, the entire game. Then just observe the Ravens Defense and make mental notes. My thoughts are my own. I have not, and do not, watch any national or regional post-game coverage. My notes are generally singular, meaning, I might make a note in the 1st Quarter that gets disputed or resolved later on. Let me know what you guys think of the video, and if you'd be interested in hearing more specific thoughts on videos this week.

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