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Robert's Rebellion breakdown - How did the Targaryens lose?

Robert's Rebellion breakdown - How did the Targaryens lose?Robert's Rebellion breakdown - How did the Targaryens lose?

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Title :Robert's Rebellion breakdown - How did the Targaryens lose?
Duration : 28m 50s
Uploader : In Deep Geek
Added On: : 30 September, 2018
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The Targaryens had a huge tactical advantage at the start of Robert's Rebellion. So how did they manage to lose the war? In Deep Geek - Insight and intelligent discussion on Game of Thrones, Westworld and more. Join me on Patreon - Follow me on Twitter - @indeepgeek Follow me on Instagram - indeepgeekofficial follow me on Facebook - My new channel: The Well Told Tale - This video was brought to you with support from my amazing Patreon community - special thanks to Chase Perkins, Maura Lee, Brooke Geer Person, Jane Lord, Kim Jackson, Jeffrey Boerst, John of House Petry, Johannes Sobanski, Amy Wagner, Mark Bryan, Richard Magee, Klaus, Amberlyn McKay, PJ, Sonia Rangel, Meredith Lucas, Peach, Susan Dunckel, Hannah, Alisa, Dave Roberts, RedSonya4, June Coates, Jose, Kasey Duhon, Aenne Loew, FirCorred, Habitual Explorer, Coleen Vandepas, Valeria Cross, Sean T McPherson, Marilyn Kae, Jesus Tagle Jr, Kornelia Echzeller, Ben Androvich, Nana L, Sara Whalen, Mairi Montgomery, Brian Price, Marilyn Bentley, Steven Stark, Brennan Barnes, Megan Veach, Kathryn Yoder, Anthony Emma, Ivanka Hainzl, Helen von Lahnstein, Juliette Honsinger, Middy, MRBGAG and Joshua Stephens. Affiliate links: (buying anything on Amazon after clicking through these links supports this channel at no extra cost to you) Westworld: Season 1 DVD - Books: The World of Ice and Fire (official history of Westeros) - A Song of Ice and Fire (all 5 books) - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (all 3 Dunk and Egg stories) - Lands of Ice and Fire (official Game of Thrones maps) - DVDs: Complete seasons 1-6 - Season 6 - Thanks for watching! (Artwork is credited in the video. If any are missing or incorrect, please PM me for a credit!)

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