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Duration : 9m 22s
Uploader : •søft_dqrkk•
Added On: : 09 June, 2021
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Music part not mine. Belong to this wonderful, talented, brave person: Go sub NOW I'm not asking you, I'm telling you 💢🔪 Welp, im kidding, you don't have to sub if you don't want to, but I will be under your bed tonight 😃🔪 alright gn cus yeah jk imma work on the glmv, and listen to this over and over. cus I can smh- Can't believe you haven't watched it yet, that you had to watch the music video on my video. JK- ALRIGHT IM SORRY- Okay fr, have a good morning/evening/ night! Bye my lovelyz! 💚 MwHahahahHHu Cringe

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