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Sejong The Great-Class Destroyer | 세종대왕급 구축함

Sejong The Great-Class Destroyer | 세종대왕급 구축함Sejong The Great-Class Destroyer | 세종대왕급 구축함

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Title :Sejong The Great-Class Destroyer | 세종대왕급 구축함
Duration : 5m 21s
Uploader : Defense TV
Added On: : 22 July, 2019
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Sejong The Great-Class Destroyer | 세종대왕급 구축함 - The Sejong the Great-class destroyers (Sejongdaewang-Geup Guchukam or Hangul: 세종대왕급 구축함, Hanja: 世宗大王級驅逐艦), also known as KD-III, are three guided missile destroyers of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN). The second ship was commissioned in August 2010 and the third in August 2012. As at 2013, the ROKN has deployed three ships with an option for three more; in December 2013 the option to acquire the second three was taken up. The ship features the Aegis Combat System (Baseline 7 Phase 1) combined with AN/SPY-1D multi-function radar antennae. The Sejong the Great class is the third phase of the South Korean navy's Korean Destroyer eXperimental (KDX) program, a substantial shipbuilding program, which is geared toward enhancing ROKN's ability to successfully defend the maritime areas around South Korea from various modes of threats as well as becoming a blue-water navy. At 8,500 tons standard displacement and 11,000 tons full load, the KDX-III Sejong the Great destroyers are by far the largest destroyers in the South Korean Navy, and built slightly bulkier and heavier than Arleigh Burke-class destroyers or Atago-class destroyers to accommodate 32 more missiles. KD-III are currently the largest ships to carry the Aegis combat system. Ships in Sejong The Great-Class Destroyer - 세종대왕급 구축함 ROKS Sejong the Great (Korean: 세종대왕함) DDG-991 ROKS Yulgok Yi I (Korean: 율곡 이이함) DDG-992 ROKS Seoae Yu Seong-ryong (Korean: 서애 유성룡함) DDG-993

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