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Steph Tries Stuff | DIY Acrylic Nails 💅

Steph Tries Stuff | DIY Acrylic Nails 💅Steph Tries Stuff | DIY Acrylic Nails 💅

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Title :Steph Tries Stuff | DIY Acrylic Nails 💅
Duration : 23m 49s
Uploader : Stephy P
Added On: : 22 November, 2018
Views : 143 times
Likes : 11
Dislikes: : 1
Source : YouTube


Welcome to my first ever Youtube video! I've always had the idea for a series where I try new things I've never tried before, so this is my first installment of (drumroll)........ Steph Tries Stuff! (clever, right? no? just me? ok) DISCLAIMER: I don't recommend/endorse doing your own nails at home unless you really do your research on the technique and application. Nail enhancements are definitely a lot more challenging than they look on Youtube tutorials (hence why there are specific professionals for this exact service). If you can find a plastic practice finger in your local beauty supply store, I recommend trying this on one of those first before trying on your own hands. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it! If you have any more suggestions for things I can try, be sure to comment below. I also have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Follow me there @realstephyp on all platforms. INSPIRATION: NailCareerEducation (Suzie): Naio Nails: Acrylic Overlay Tutorial: Jenna Marbles doing Acrylic nails (didn't talk about it in the video but it's funny as hell, high-key inspired this concept, and also taught me some do's and don'ts about DIY nails):

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