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Tesla Stock Options Trading

Tesla Stock Options TradingTesla Stock Options Trading

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Title :Tesla Stock Options Trading
Duration : 15m 20s
Uploader : Money Phi'losophy
Added On: : 16 May, 2021
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Trading tesla stock options has a lot of volatility but with the right navigation and strategies in place, you can profit from it. I have been trading Tesla stock for a while (both day trading and swing trading) and be able to recognize trends that might be beneficial to you too. In this video, I will also go over QQQ, SPY and DIA to help us navigate through the general market sentiment. Time stamps: QQQ @ 6:!5 SPY @ 7:13 DIA @ 7:58 Monday trading range for TSLA @ 8:46 Day trading tips @ 9:14 Leap options @ 12:31 Summary @ 13:31 I am also trading a few other stocks. Comment down below if you would like to see my strategies on those as well. Thank you for watching!

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