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Littlefinger is the Protagonist

Littlefinger is the ProtagonistLittlefinger is the Protagonist

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Title :Littlefinger is the Protagonist
Duration : 11m 36s
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Added On: : 18 August, 2018
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This is my theory about Littlefinger being the real Protagonist in the "Game of Thrones" series, and in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books. *---WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS---* This video adds a twist to the show, suggesting that Littlefinger is still alive by Faking his Death. It goes even further to an almost impossible scenario (He will kill the Night King) ,which is by the way, backed up by real evidence from the interviews of George RR Martin. It's the Devious PART 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright - Credits: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -MUSIC- ------------------------------------------- Shades & Shadows: From Peter Gundry: ------------------------------------------- Theres Still Hope: from Fractured Light Music: ------------------------------------------- Revolt Production Music - Written In The Shadows: from Gabriel Saban & Philippe Briand ------------------------------------------- Sunshine: from John Murphy ------------------------------------------- Winter Has Come: from Ramin Djawadi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - VIDEOS - ------------------------------------------- Usual Suspects Movie Percy Jackson Movie The Game of Thrones Clips belong to HBO. All the Interviews are for George RR Martin and Aidan Gillen. ------------------------------------------- *Taken clips and sounds from Youtube users: ------------------------------------------- -GameofThrones -Sean TankTop -ReactionToGOT -RedTeamReview -Preston Jacobs -BanditIncorporated -Talking Thrones ------------------------------------------- People - Redditors who contributed ------------------------------------------- -ChaosisKing03 -TheParadoxAnalyser (The first to expand PART 1 on youtube) -MrSilenceT -medusawink -The_Crypter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - PICTURES- ------------------------------------------- Wikipedia pictures Littlefinger and Catelyn (boyhood) picture by Wavesheep: ------------------------------------------- This video is not meant for commercial purposes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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