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TNT Versions: TNT Boys - Flashlight

TNT Versions: TNT Boys - FlashlightTNT Versions: TNT Boys - Flashlight

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Title :TNT Versions: TNT Boys - Flashlight
Duration : 3m 38s
Uploader : TNT Versions
Added On: : 11 June, 2018
Views : 13046277 times
Likes : 245255
Dislikes: : 3191
Source : YouTube


"Flashlight" Performed by: TNT Boys Vocal Arranger/Vocal Coach: Froilan Canlas •TNTV Team• Executive Producer/Creative Director: Peter Edward Dizon Content Partnership Head: Karen Tumbali Producer: Jose Paolo Fajardo Directed and produced by: Jem de Quiros and Janice Estores Music Producer: Chochay Magno Artist Business Partner: Ian Guanizo Multimedia Producer: Rozzelin Soliman Production Assistant: Yvan Pacheco Sara Bangayan The finest renditions of TNT's best vocalists made possible by TNT Band & The Arrangers For inquiries 📱+639053837894 or +639178985508 📧[email protected] Subscribe to TNT Versions, just click here: Also, follow us on our Social Media accounts:

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