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What's New in Minecraft Snapshot 21w41a? Better RNG? New Main Menu?!

What's New in Minecraft Snapshot 21w41a? Better RNG? New Main Menu?!What's New in Minecraft Snapshot 21w41a? Better RNG? New Main Menu?!

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Title :What's New in Minecraft Snapshot 21w41a? Better RNG? New Main Menu?!
Duration : 4m 54s
Uploader : slicedlime
Added On: : 13 October, 2021
Views : 12331 times
Likes : 2166
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Source : YouTube



Here's snapshot 21w41a with a new main menu backdrop, a new world generation random source and quite a few tweaked pixels. Check out all the changes here! This is an unofficial update video that aims to be the most comprehensive guide possible. Official announcement: Technical News: How to get a Snapshot: Timestamps: Introduction: 0:00 User Interface: 0:18 World Generation Changes: 0:26 Gameplay: 1:45 Mobs: 2:09 Visuals: 2:28 Performance & Stability Changes: 3:43 In Other News: 3:49 Thank You: 4:23 Mob videos: - Glare: - Allay: - Copper Golem: Changes in 21w41a: UI: - The main menu backdrop now shows a Caves & Cliffs: Part II scene World generation: - Fixed MC-236620: Nether biomes don't generate correctly - Fixed MC-236650: Minecraft in 1.18 has 2^48 seeds instead of 2^64 seeds. - Badlands mineshafts generate higher up - Geodes now only generate up to height 30 and their rarity has been adjusted to match 1.17 levels - Fixed MC-237457: Snowy Slopes biome no longer generates stone cliff feature from experimental snapshots - Fixed MC-238003: Stone in jagged peaks is always covered by snow blocks - Cave features for lush caves and dripstone caves now generate even when the cave is high up in a mountain Gameplay: - The angle at which sprinting against a block does not break your sprint has been increased a bit - Fixed MC-238661: InhabitedTime value/Local Difficulty doesn't increase Mobs: - Fixed MC-238561: Axolotls aren't able to spawn at all in lush caves (recurrence of MC-218701) Visuals: - Fixed MC-166508: Glitchy chunk rendering since 1.15 pre-release 2 - Fixed MC-118134: Item frame texture as an item uses texture of oak planks - Fixed MC-137950: Signs textures does not correspond to the actual texture of their handle - Fixed MC-142385: Campfire texture has one pixel extending into hotbar outline - Fixed MC-148182: The zombie villager "profession" texture uses villager-skin-colored pixels - Fixed MC-152506: Wither skull projectile has faces with old texture - Fixed MC-160256: Texture of door items does not match the blocks - Fixed MC-173339: Comparators lit base texture is incorrect - Fixed MC-203155: Enchanting table GUI uses old lapis texture - Fixed MC-225949: Parity Issue: different Bedrock and Java sign items textures. - Fixed MC-227398: Misplaced pixel on cave vines texture - Fixed MC-230302: Glow Item Frame item texture is missing two pixels Stability & Performance: - Fixed MC-237330: Worlds created with seed "REDApRES" (0) crash when trying to load new 1.18 mountain biomes / java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "dfw.a(double, double, double)" because "this.a" is null Thanks to JochCool & Octojen for the assistance! Some camera sequences rendered using the ReplayMod: Music: "Upon The Water" by Vindsvept ( licensed CC-BY 4.0 Outro music: "I'm Going Underground" by Clandestyne ( Licenses: - CC-BY 3.0: - CC-BY 4.0: -- Main channel: Second channel: Twitch: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Patreon: Discord: #cavesandcliffs #minecraft118 #21w41a

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