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Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

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Title :Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?
Duration : 30m 33s
Uploader : UDY
Added On: : 12 November, 2018
Views : 11766963 times
Likes : 217973
Dislikes: : 7517
Source : YouTube




Download Playlist here: Good Luck with the GiveAway!!! Hope to see you on the app! Today we place Ryan to the test to see if he's a gold digger!!!! Will he trade his girlfriend for another model?!! Watch the epic, hilarious, and brutal video!!!! Follow my Insta: Follow Madeline here: Follow the PLUG!!! Become a Channel Member Here: Get the NEW FIRE MERCH HERE!!! Watch Jaleel test his girlfriend here: Watch Lares Part 1 Here: Watch Savion and Anthony expose Ana: Watch our newest episode here: WE'VE EXPOSED MANY GOLD DIGGERS AND HAVE CAUGHT MANY CHEATERS! SUBSCRIBE TO SEE US CATCHING MORE: TUNE IN FOR AN EPIC NEW COLLAB WE WILL DO AGAIN WITH TO CATCH A CHEATER, LUIS MERCADO! GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA: MY INSTAGRAM: MY TWITTER: MY FACEBOOK: MY SNAPCHAT: SMEJIA95 Our previous episode!! Watch my friend Hooman expose a gold digger here! He uses a Lamborghini huracan! VIRAL!! Our second newest video! Our Biggest Gold digger episode! SHE IS A CHEATER!!! HERES OUR MOST RECENT EPISODE! HERES A GOLD DIGGER WE'VE EXPOSED IN THE PAST: GOLD DIGGER EXPOSED AS CHEATER AND LIAR CHECK OUT OUR OTHER EXPOSED GOLD DIGGERS: GOLD DIGGER EXPOSED FOR CHEATING: EXPOSING A GOLD DIGGER BUT GOT PEPPER SPRAYED!! GIRL exposes GIRL GOLD DIGGER EXAM! PREGNANT GOLD DIGGER EXPOSED! CHECK OUT MY FRIEND HOOMAN TV EXPOSE A GOLD DIGGER Another one of Hoomans viral gold digger pranks MUSIC FROM: Karla is curious if her boyfriend Ryan is a gold digger! In this new episode we try to expose Ryan to see if he's a gold digger! This definitely will make our top 10 or top 5 best videos! About this Channel: In 2018, we plan on on making epic, intense videos full of mystery and suspense! We test the loyalty of a person with material wealth! Will someone trade their relationship for money? Boyfriends and girlfriends come onto our show to see if their bf or gf is cheating, cheated, cheater, or a gold digger! Anyone can be caught on camera! We will bring you the best, epic, and intense episodes! Sergio Mejia

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